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Chiba Shigetaka
Chiba Shigetaka
Rank: 10
Tier Score: 1937.06

Special Trait: Bright Purple Background (1.964% have this)

Background: Bright Purple
(1.964% have this)
Weapon: Brown Double Katana
(4.073% have this)
Armor: Purple Suit
(4.582% have this)
Mask: Grey Left Side
(7.055% have this)
Character: 4th Character
(11.127% have this)
Blood: Splatter
(48.436% have this)
Ghost: None
(71.055% have this)

All traits

Attribute TypeAttribute ValuePercent OwnedTrait Score
BackgroundBright Purple1.964%27
WeaponBrown Double Katana4.073%56
ArmorPurple Suit4.582%63
MaskGrey Left Side7.055%97
Character4th Character11.127%153


Rank: 10
Tier Score: 1937.06

Listing Price: N/A

Collection Information

2,750 Yobi Samurai & Ninjas formed an alliance in 1,200 A.D lead by their beloved king "Yobitsu Chieshiki" against oppressive forces.