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What are $CODES?

$CODES will be an experimental onboarding NFT collection on the Hedera HashGraph. $CODES will provide an underlying mechanism to be exchanged for other NFTs. Unlike Web2 promotional codes, $CODES will be fully on-chain, with future plans to store their metadata within the Hedera File Service (think Bitcoin Inscriptions). As a user, you can forget about searching through emails, and select a $CODE from your wallet to be used within an on-chain transaction.
$CODES will have an initial finite supply of 1,800, with a maximum supply of 6054. Additional supply may be released after the initial mint based on demand. These numbers may change if more applications are submitted. Those who applied via the tweet will be eligible to mint 1 $CODE per account. WokeFemmes and DataBots holders will be able to mint one $CODE per serial held.
How will you be able to use $CODES?
  • At NFTier, we'll host free mints on our NFT Launchpad. You'll have the option to exchange each $CODES NFT for a free NFT.
  • In the future, $CODES can be dynamic. Enabling users, and institutions to change the actual $CODE on the metadata and image when needed.
  • Visit Launchpad
Codes Breakdown
Codes Breakdown

What makes up a $CODE ?

  • Each $CODE is a generative NFT with unique metadata. They contain a $code attribute which represents the promotional code on both the artwork and metadata. $CODES can either be Premium or Basic, which are easily identifiable by the text and artwork.
  • Basic codes will be minted for free. Users who choose to donate 600 HBAR to the NFTier Platform will receive a Premium $CODES. Premium $CODES can exchanged in the future for utility based NFT collections with a mint price greater than 600 $HBAR. The number of Premium codes will be determined by the community's interest during the initial mint. Everyone will have the option to either mint a basic code or premium code. Choose wisely!
  • Each $CODE belongs to one of six different guilds, one of which is only available on Premium $CODES. The guild is clearly represented above the text box with the CODE. Guilds can be used playfully within the allocation of free mints on our launchpad, and governance / sub-governance around the direction of our protocol. Collect them all to be fully ingrained within the $CODES ecosystem!
  • Basic GuildsCode Guilds
  • Premium GuildsCode Guilds
  • Lastly, $CODES have additional metadata relevant to the art side of the project. This includes a "Border", "Overlay", and "Text Box". Together with the different font colors, gradients, and font styles, $CODES are made up over 300 collectable attributes. They look great as profile pictures, banners and wallpapers.

$CODES Life Cycle

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