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Get Discord Access

Assign a WokeFemmes or a DataBots NFT to receive discord access for your NFT Collection. Get live rarity, market watchers (floor price, volume, market cap), holder tracker, token gated roles and market information straight to your discord server.
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Access is limited to WokeFemme holders. A WokeFemme can be minted on our launchpad. Each assigned WokeFemme must remain on the account/address that it was assigned on for access to remain
  • !rarity serial (your serial number here)
  • For example !rarity serial 1
  • Create a brand new channel where sales would be posted
  • Assign your WokeFemmes to the "Sales" mode, and ensure you set all the required fields
  • Assign your WokeFemmes to one of the "Watcher" modes
  • Update, and refresh the screen. You should see a second invite link for that specific watcher bot. Invite it into the server, and follow the instructions for permissions.
  • Type !market data
  • This will return the current, floor price, market cap, and more.
  • Enable "Developer Mode", see here for instructions
  • Right click on the server and click "Copy ID"
  • Enable "Developer Mode", see here for instructions
  • Right click on the channel you want the NFTier bot inside of and click "Copy ID"