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Cold Blooded Creepz #10725
Cold Blooded Creepz #10725
Rank: 5
TIER Score: 0.1697

Special Trait: Space Marine Chin (0.009% have this)

Background: Space Marine
(0.009% have this)
Body: Space Marine
(0.009% have this)
Mouth: Space Marine
(0.009% have this)
Nose: Space Marine
(0.009% have this)
Sides: Space Marine
(0.009% have this)
Layerz: Space Marine
(0.009% have this)
Back: Space Marine
(0.009% have this)
Eyes: Space Marine
(0.009% have this)
Chin: Space Marine
(0.009% have this)
Tattoos: None
(46.297% have this)
Lol-Drip: None
(49.590% have this)
Hat: None
(0.072% have this)
Lips: None
(63.712% have this)
Base-Layer: None
(63.946% have this)
Smoking: None
(93.538% have this)
Tail: None
(0.045% have this)

All traits

Attribute TypeAttribute ValuePercent OwnedTrait Score
BackgroundSpace Marine0.009%1
BodySpace Marine0.009%1
MouthSpace Marine0.009%1
NoseSpace Marine0.009%1
SidesSpace Marine0.009%1
LayerzSpace Marine0.009%1
BackSpace Marine0.009%1
EyesSpace Marine0.009%1
ChinSpace Marine0.009%1


Rank: 5
TIER Score: 0.1697

Collection Information

Genesis Creepz, Season 2. ACTUAL OWNER COUNT: 4645 AS OF 18/03/2022. 95% STAKED IN INVASION GAMES The Overlord’s minions. These sexy in-vogue lizards have infiltrated the highest echelons of society.. we’re about to rule earth and invade galaxies! Join the Creepz family - the strongest community in the universe. ONE OF US 🕯️🦎 Managed by