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Invisible Friends #3326
Invisible Friends #3326
Rank: 10
TIER Score: 2600.4199

Special Trait: Pink Sunscreen Nose (0.260% have this)

Nose: Pink Sunscreen
(0.260% have this)
Bag: Sci-Fi Backpack
(0.500% have this)
Overhead: Halo
(0.640% have this)
Fannypack: Black Fannypack
(1.580% have this)
Legs: Tan Shorts
(1.640% have this)
Upper Body: Light Blue / Pink Tucked Shirt
(1.720% have this)
Right Arm: Metal Detector
(1.800% have this)
Hat: Cowboy Hat
(1.860% have this)
Eyes: Boomer Glasses
(2.080% have this)
Feet: Cream Slippers
(2.100% have this)
Left Arm: Shovel
(2.180% have this)
Mouth: Cigar
(5.460% have this)
Sleeves: Short Sleeves
(12.980% have this)
Background: Blue
(50.940% have this)
Ears: None
(85.380% have this)
Outerwear: None
(91.760% have this)
Neck: None
(92.640% have this)
Shoe Gum: None
(94.640% have this)
Suspenders: None
(97.600% have this)
Special: None
(99.560% have this)

All traits

Attribute TypeAttribute ValuePercent OwnedTrait Score
NosePink Sunscreen0.260%13
BagSci-Fi Backpack0.500%25
FannypackBlack Fannypack1.580%79
LegsTan Shorts1.640%82
Upper BodyLight Blue / Pink Tucked Shirt1.720%86
Right ArmMetal Detector1.800%90
HatCowboy Hat1.860%93
EyesBoomer Glasses2.080%104
FeetCream Slippers2.100%105
Left ArmShovel2.180%109
SleevesShort Sleeves12.980%649
Shoe GumNone94.640%4732


Rank: 10
TIER Score: 2600.4199

Collection Information

Hiding in the metaverse. Invisible Friends is a collection of 5000 animated invisible characters by Markus Magnusson. Invisible Friends is a Random Character Collective project. See also [Invisible Friends Specials](