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Rank: 2
Tier Score: 404.61

Special Trait: Eye Glasses 2 Eyewear (0.257% have this)

2 Eyewear: Eye Glasses
(0.257% have this)
7 Background: Iridescent
(5.405% have this)
6 Base: Crab 3
(7.979% have this)
3 Mouth: Fire
(16.988% have this)
5 Head: None
(49.550% have this)
1 Message Bubble: None
(90.090% have this)
4 Intruder: None
(90.090% have this)

All traits

Attribute TypeAttribute ValuePercent OwnedTrait Score
2 EyewearEye Glasses0.257%2
7 BackgroundIridescent5.405%42
6 BaseCrab 37.979%62
3 MouthFire16.988%132
5 HeadNone49.550%385
1 Message BubbleNone90.090%700
4 IntruderNone90.090%700


Rank: 2
Tier Score: 404.61

Listing Price: N/A

Collection Information

Hashcrabs is one of the earliest NFT projects on Hedera Hashgraph. Generation 2.0 is designed in a 2D, pixelated, generative art style with various rarity traits. The etymology of Hashcrabs stems from the Hedera Hashgraph community and the native token $HBAR being commonly referred to as a “crab coin”. This is due to the “crabbing” market trend of $HBAR fluctuating around the same price over a long period of time, neither entering a bull nor bear market. As such, its movement mimics that of a crab moving side-to-side.