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Hedera Arcade #27
Hedera Arcade #27
Rank: 7
Tier Score: 631.76

Special Trait: Rusted Center Fill (1.667% have this)

Center Fill: Rusted
(1.667% have this)
Background: Lands of the Princesses
(3.000% have this)
Coin Outer: Matte
(3.333% have this)
Center Design: Spartan With Sword
(4.000% have this)
Outer Rings: Bevelled Circles
(5.000% have this)
Inner Rings: Rusted
(5.000% have this)
Backgrounds: None
(16.667% have this)
Outer Ring: None
(16.667% have this)
Outer Path: None
(16.667% have this)
Outer Texts: None
(16.667% have this)
Inner Ring: None
(16.667% have this)
Center: None
(16.667% have this)
Base: Gold Coin
(99.667% have this)

All traits

Attribute TypeAttribute ValuePercent OwnedTrait Score
Center FillRusted1.667%5
BackgroundLands of the Princesses3.000%9
Coin OuterMatte3.333%10
Center DesignSpartan With Sword4.000%12
Outer RingsBevelled Circles5.000%15
Inner RingsRusted5.000%15
Outer RingNone16.667%50
Outer PathNone16.667%50
Outer TextsNone16.667%50
Inner RingNone16.667%50
BaseGold Coin99.667%299


Rank: 7
Tier Score: 631.76

Listing Price: N/A

Collection Information

Hedera Arcade is one stop for users to play Double or Nothing with their Hbars. We collect a 2.5% fee on every transaction and distribute it to our holders