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Hedera Crowns #11
Hedera Crowns #11
Rank: 2
Tier Score: 0.075872

Special Trait: vceezy Base (0.090% have this)

Background: music notes
(0.090% have this)
Base: vceezy
(0.090% have this)
Front Gem: None
(6.031% have this)
Side Gems: None
(14.311% have this)
Accessories: None
(21.332% have this)
Bottom: None
(25.113% have this)
Additional Gems: None
(25.563% have this)

All traits

Attribute TypeAttribute ValuePercent OwnedTrait Score
Backgroundmusic notes0.090%1
Front GemNone6.031%67
Side GemsNone14.311%159
Additional GemsNone25.563%284


Rank: 2
Tier Score: 0.075872

Listing Price: N/A

Collection Information

1,111 Pixelated crowns that will transcend the Hedera ecosystem. These NFTs will grant you exclusive access to the finest Kingdom on Hedera! When we think of HBAR, we think of a family. The Alt Kings have shined a light on the HBARbarians with a one of a kind podcast focused on the alt coin ecosystem! We bring unity to all and focus on bridging the gap between the known and unknown.