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Hedera Hustlers #1108
Hedera Hustlers #1108
Rank: 1
Tier Score: 0.0100838318

Special Trait: sickle weapon Hand (0.090% have this)

Background: Mining Cave
(0.090% have this)
Clothing: mining costume
(0.090% have this)
Hat: mining hat
(0.090% have this)
Hand: sickle weapon
(0.090% have this)
Accesoris: None
(1.620% have this)
Eyes: shinning eyes
(19.892% have this)
Body: Platinum Skull
(48.155% have this)

All traits

Attribute TypeAttribute ValuePercent OwnedTrait Score
BackgroundMining Cave0.090%1
Clothingmining costume0.090%1
Hatmining hat0.090%1
Handsickle weapon0.090%1
Eyesshinning eyes19.892%221
BodyPlatinum Skull48.155%535


Rank: 1
Tier Score: 0.0100838318

Listing Price: N/A

Collection Information

The Hedera Hustler mission is to build a community that discusses generational wealth, stocks, crypto investing, business strategies and more. As a HUSTLER we are to support, encourage and hold each other accountable to achieve our goals and strive for greatness.