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Wired #5002
Wired #5002
Rank: 3
Tier Score: 0.0100806459

Special Trait: Red Horns and Flowers Tattoos Special Attribute (0.020% have this)

Background: Pop Cherry
(0.020% have this)
Character: Wired
(0.020% have this)
Back: Dark Grey Sword
(0.020% have this)
Clothing: Black Tank Top
(0.020% have this)
Accessories: Electrified Barbed Wire
(0.020% have this)
Special Attribute: Red Horns and Flowers Tattoos
(0.020% have this)
Facial Expression: Big Anger
(0.060% have this)
Animated: No
(90.050% have this)
Special Armor: None
(92.004% have this)

All traits

Attribute TypeAttribute ValuePercent OwnedTrait Score
BackgroundPop Cherry0.020%1
BackDark Grey Sword0.020%1
ClothingBlack Tank Top0.020%1
AccessoriesElectrified Barbed Wire0.020%1
Special AttributeRed Horns and Flowers Tattoos0.020%1
Facial ExpressionBig Anger0.060%3
Special ArmorNone92.004%4614


Rank: 3
Tier Score: 0.0100806459

Listing Price: N/A