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PBR Funk 492
PBR Funk 492
Rank: 8
Tier Score: 60.81

Special Trait: Iron Cap Head (0.200% have this)

Ear: Rose Gold HBAR
(0.200% have this)
Head: Iron Cap
(0.200% have this)
Eye: Orange Glass
(3.403% have this)
Mouth: Clay Pipe
(3.604% have this)
Neck: Heart Chocker
(4.304% have this)
Background: Light Pink
(9.009% have this)
Body: Plaster
(9.710% have this)

All traits

Attribute TypeAttribute ValuePercent OwnedTrait Score
EarRose Gold HBAR0.200%2
HeadIron Cap0.200%2
EyeOrange Glass3.403%34
MouthClay Pipe3.604%36
NeckHeart Chocker4.304%43
BackgroundLight Pink9.009%90


Rank: 8
Tier Score: 60.81

Listing Price: 1,200 HBAR

Collection Information

PBR Funks is a crafted 3D art collection of 999 unique, randomly generated Funks.Each character is different from the other and all the materials and textures used in it have 4K quality.All these funks are here to support the community.