NFTier logo, rarity engine and nft explorer.
NFTier logo, rarity engine and nft explorer.



Launch your Hedera NFT Collection
Promotional Pricing

We only profit, when you profit.

Commission % per Mint

Smart Contract Deployment
NFT Token Creation
Launchpad page with live countdown
Minting through Hashpack and Coinbase*
Coinbase requires setting up additional accounts. Please contact us if you want this option enabled.
Rarity Listing
Uploading of metadata to IPFS
Seperate Allow List + Mint Date for Holders
Dedicated giveaway page

Fee Estimator

Mint Price: 200

Total Supply: 200

Percent Sold: 0

We Get: 0

You Keep: 0

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Additional Services

Animated Gif$50
Banner Image$50
Twitter Image$50
Video Promo$200
Smart Contract CustomizationContact us for more information.


Typically we require at least a week to get your collection onto our launchpad, however, it may take longer based on your requirements.
Yes. We can create twitter banners, discord images, and such for an additional cost. Please reach out, and we can accommodate you based on your needs.
Not at all, tokens will be minted in real-time during your launch.
Our rarity listing will populate once an hour, starting from the point that your mint goes live.