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Hedera Crowns

Launching Primary Image
Launching Primary Image

About Hedera Crowns

1,111 Pixelated crowns that will transcend the Hedera ecosystem. These NFTs will grant you exclusive access to the finest Kingdom on Hedera! When we think of HBAR, we think of a family. The Alt Kings have shined a light on the HBARbarians with a one of a kind podcast focused on the alt coin ecosystem! We bring unity to all and focus on bridging the gap between the known and unknown.

Public Mint Price:600 ℏ
WokeFemmes Allow List Price:575
WokeFemmes Price:575
Kings Price:0.0001

Total Supply: NaN

  • Perks for staking NFTs for long periods of time (merch and other rewards)
  • Access to private giveaways -Access to exclusive content
  • Access to ask questions on for our podcasts guest and 60% of funds will go to our Royal Table for the community to decide how its utilized
  • 5% of funds will be donated to a charity of choice! (decided by royal council)
  • % of royalties are airdropped to the community (undecided amount) -More to come (stay tuned)
  • Minting one of the 11, 1 of 1 collabs we have designed will grant you 1 Free NFT of said project!

Hedera is the most used enterprise-grade public network for you to make your digital world exactly as it should be – yours. HBAR is the native, energy-efficient cryptocurrency of Hedera that powers the decentralized economy. Whether you're a startup or enterprise, a creator or consumer, Hedera goes beyond blockchain for developers to create the next era of fast, fair, and secure applications.


Hey friend! We know you are having a blast minting NFTs on our Launchpad. Just ensure that you do your own research before making a purchase. NFTier does not provide financial or investment advice or recommend you purchase any NFTs.