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Little Umbrellas xx Casually xx ErikTheProducer
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About Little Umbrellas xx Casually xx ErikTheProducer

Introducing "Little Umbrellas” - a captivating music production that takes you on a sonic journey unlike any other. This remarkable song, crafted by the talented artist, CryptoCasually, is set to make waves in the WEB3 music industry. As part of the limited edition catalog collection, this track holds the distinction of being one of only 2 exclusive releases available on the cutting-edge NFTierTech platform. "Little Umbrellas" showcases the exceptional skills of the two brilliant minds behind its creation. ErikTheProducer, renowned for their mastery in music production, has brought his expertise to the table, ensuring a flawless and immersive audio experience. His keen attention to detail, remarkable mixing abilities, and innate understanding of soundscapes have seamlessly come together to elevate this track to new heights. Collaborating with ErikTheProducer is the incredibly talented artist Casually.

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Public Mint Price:100ℏ
Public $TIER Price:0.05
Allow List Price:100 OR 0.05 TIER
WokeFemmes Price:100 OR 0.05 TIER
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Total Supply: 444

  • Provides a 50% discount to the upcoming mint for Hedera Casuals

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