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Lost Explorers
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Launching Primary Image
Launching Primary Image

About Lost Explorers

Lost Explorers is a unique project with a high quality art that aims to connect web3 space with a physical world. Our main goal is to reward our holders for being part of our project. Total supply of this collection will be 9,999 NFTs which will be divided into three drops of 3,333 NFTs each. Holders will have many exclusive benefits such as airdrops, access to future collections, staking and more… Holders will be also able to exchange their Lost Explorers for the Special Explorers.

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Token ID: 0.0.1319502

  • I cannot connect my wallet.

    Try to clear your cache, and reconnect.
  • Clicking the mint button does nothing

    Try opening our dApp in HashPack directly.
  • I still cannot connect

    If you are using Brave shields, disable them, along with your VPN or Proxy. Additionally try restarting your browser + closing excess tabs.

  • I am getting a token already associated error

    Try to refresh the page again. Ensure you don't see a button to associate the token again. If you do, please make a support ticket.

  • I am getting a smart contract error when minting.

    Create a support ticket in our discord. In most cases, attempting to mint again will cause you to spend additional HBAR on gas fees.

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*If you encounter any issues please reach out via the NFTier discord.


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