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Paint Huffing Degenerates 2

Launching Primary Image
Launching Primary Image

About Paint Huffing Degenerates 2

Paint Huffing Degenerates 2 by Mazochist LAF x Potluck Labs are a collection of 555 Degenerates that exist on the Hedera network. The only constant is change... OG PhD boomers, you need to make way for the new generation of Paint Huffing Degens! they've spread like a disease and multiplied by the millions by now. They're meaner, uglier and hornier than ever before! Still Huffing and Puffing till they blow all their brain cells away. New Huff city (previously known as New Huffington) has never seen such chaos and utter madness... Rioting, looting, setting fires and flipping cars is just your average tuesday night in PhD land. The city sign reads 'welcome to New Huff City! ...there's still time to turn around' ...better be quick about it though, they'll steal your wheels while you shift in reverse.

Public Mint Price:400 ℏ
allow-list Price:350
allow-list Price:4

Total Supply: NaN

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