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At NFTier, we offer several in-house collections that grant access to our comprehensive suite of utilities designed for creators, builders, and traders in the NFT space.


WokeFemmes image
WokeFemmes image
NFTier Advanced Analytics
Discord Bot access for Creators
Automatic Allow List Access in the NFTier Launchpad
Claim TIER
Discounted Pricing in the Print shop
Governance Power
About WokeFemmes

WokeFemmes seeks societal progress and equality for disenfranchised peoples. WokeFemmes NFT holders will receive a 20% discount in the NFTier Print Shop, access to NFTier Advanced Analytics, access to the suite of discord bots on NFTier.


DataBots image
DataBots image
NFTier Advanced Analytics (30 days with 285 HBAR recharge fee)
Discord Bot access for Creators (30 days with 285 HBAR recharge fee)
Limited Allow List Access in the NFTier Launchpad
Claim TIER
Discounted Pricing in the Print shop
Governance Power
About DataBots

The NFTier and WokeFemmes teams united to bring a collection that is the intersection of vibrant art and advanced analytics. Each piece in the collection will serve as not only a collectable, but also a pass into the NFTier Advanced Analytics Platform for 30 days.

DataBots NFT
DataBots NFT
Not Recharged

Unlock the world of NFTier utility through rechargeable NFTs.

DataBots are not just any ordinary NFT. They provide access to Advanced Analytics, and our suite of Discord Bots at a cheaper price point than WokeFemmes.

  • Each DataBot provides 30 days of access into Advanced Analytics once claimed. After 30 days, you have the option to renew access for 285 HBAR.

  • In addition to Advanced Analytics, DataBots provide 30 days of access to our suite of discord bots. An active recharged DataBot has access to both features.

  • You can recharge as often as you'd like from month to month, or pause and recharge again later.

  • If you no longer want access, you can always trade your DataBot on secondary marketplaces. When someone purchases that DataBot, the remainder of the last subscription will be applicable to their account.

What is Advanced Analytics?

NFTier Advanced Analytics is your Gateway to the world of Hedera NFTs. Browse metrics from the 3000+ collections we've indexed from the HashGraph. Through Advanced Analytics, you can discover the estimated value of your NFT Portfolio, collections that are minting now, the holders of a collection, current listings, sales and more.

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Ecosystem View

Our ecosystem view provides traders, collectors, and creators a bird's eye view into the health of Hedera NFTs. NFTier aggregates data from the major marketplaces, launchpads, and the mirror node to provide concise and useful data points. Users can track the Market Cap, Volume, Profit , Loss, PnL, Unique Holders, Mints, Whales, and Marketplaces.

Account View

With the NFTier account view, users can see their NFT portfolio in extreme detail. Users can monitor their portfolio value, Unrealized P&L, HBAR Balance, sell volume, buy volume, mint volume and number of NFTs over time. In the future, users will be able to set alerts for any of these metrics.

Collection View

Creators and traders can utilize the collection view to understand and interpret how an NFT collection is doing. Included in this view are basic metrics like volume, floor price, number of holders over time, but also more advanced data.

What Discord Bots do we offer?

Assign a WokeFemmes or a DataBots NFT to receive discord access for your NFT Collection. We offer a variety of discord bots to suit your needs, including:
  • Sales bot: Get live updates on sales of your NFTs.
  • Listings bot: Get live updates on new listings of your NFTs.
  • Role verification bot: Verify ownership of NFTs to access gated channels.
  • Rarity bot: Query rarity for NFTs in your collection.
  • Holder watcher bot: Get live updates on the number of holders in your collection.
  • Whale watcher bot: Get a live stream of all the different purchases, sales, and mints from Hedera NFT Whale accounts.
  • Floor price watcher bot: Get live updates on the floor price of your NFTs.
  • Volume watcher bot: Get live updates on the trading volume of your NFTs.
  • Market cap watcher bot: Get live updates on the market cap of your NFTs.
  • Listing % watcher bot: Get live updates on the percentage of your NFTs that are listed for sale.
Get all this market information straight to your discord server.
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What is TIER?

Think of TIER as an experimental access pass to Advanced functionality within the NFTier ecosystem. TIER is a fungible token which you can currently claim if you own a WokeFemmes. WokeFemmes can claim between 5-10 TIER / day depending on the rarity of their NFT.

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